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Snoopy Wisdom For Life!


(I don’t own rights to «Peanuts» pictures – I spread them for non-commercial wisdom & enjoyment!)


There are comic & children's books that echo through life. They remain a source of wisdom & comfort for children of all ages across the globe. Like Snoopy & the «Peanuts Gang». We never really knew whether «Snoopolino» was a human, a dog or a furry Superman – but we always knew he was a wonderful friend! In good times and in bad times, and in all the times in between.

Here are some of my favorite pictures & words of wisdom – for the new year and every year to come!


The Meaning Of Life Is – To Live!

Charlie Brown is not one of those «Happy Honey Kids» who sleep on a rainbow and get up in the morning inspired and full of expectation. He’s more the melancholic kind of guy – not only on Monday mornings. One evening Charlie sits by the water with Snoopy and reflects on things that go wrong: «Some day, we will all die.» And Snoopy replies: «True, but on all the other days, we will not.»

It’s the core sentence of all Snoopy stories. And it’s the core sentence of our own life. Living a «full-fledged life» is not easy, as we all know. We often struggle, not only on Monday mornings. 

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