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Decluttering without «Sparking Joy Mania»!


(pic: roses in my backyard) 


If 1/3 of our items sparks joy, we have a very joyful home!
Let’s see how we get there.  

Joy is important, no question, most of us should be more joyful! And yes, our homes could spark more joy! Decluttering sure matters, we are drowning in stuff. Clutter is having an increasing impact on our lives. Decluttering doesn’t just affect the material level, but also the mental, emotional, physical, digital, spiritual, health level and more. A good clearing out sets free a lot of energy – it’s a boost in so many ways. Similar to multitasking, clutter overloads our senses, impairs our ability to think openly & creatively, makes us feel more nervous & stressed. Clutter is a constant «I should», «I have to» in our head. Too much stuff robs us of mental energy, leaves us feeling anxious, tired, overwhelmed, frustrated. And we furthermore waste time looking for things we can’t find right away. Clutter is causing a lot of people a lot of pain. It’s not just stuff on the floor and in the closet. It also represents postponed decisions, obsolete thoughts & ideas, unhealthy relationships, painful memories, bad habits, and more. Anything unfinished, unresolved is clutter in a way. It’s hard to move ahead if our minds, hearts & hands are full of junk. 

Our zeitgeist demands to declutter, to let go of needless thoughts & things. Plenty of products & services out there advocate: Get rid of that clutter in the house and that nonsense in the head and bring in the magic, please! The mundane subject «decluttering», combined with a decent portion of wellness, spirituality & esoterism and a strong desire for magic, brings out international bestsellers like «The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up» by Japanese organizing queen Marie Kondō. 

Do I use the «KonMari Method» for my home? No. Anyway my place is well decluttered – and sparks a lot of joy! 

I use a much older method – the «Morris Method» (we come to that in a little while).

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